Los Angeles: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has denied reports that they have approached Oprah Winfrey to host the 84th Oscar awards.
Various online reports suggested that Winfrey, who has presented trophies at the annual Hollywood awards gala, may take on the hosting duties for the ceremony.

She was also nominated in 1986 as best supporting actress for her role in 'The Color Purple', according to the reports. .
"The camera loves Oprah. Oprah's a genius. But it's not true, and I don't know where that story even came from,," Academy president Tom Sherak said.
"First, I have to hire a producer, and then the producer comes to the Academy with suggestions for the host. So how could we have a host without a producer?," he asked.
Sherak hasn't lined up a producer yet, although he hopes to secure one during the coming month so that he can present his choice at the Academy's next board of governors meeting August 2