The application 'Arunachal m-Seva', will help citizen to access 21 government services across 12 categories in eight state departments ranging from safety and health alerts to employment services and pension benefits using the mobile tool and an online portal, the company said.
Accenture is developing the complete system at a cost of USD 70,000. Arunachal m-Seva will be accessible across multiple technology platforms, including Android, Windows, Nokia and iPhone, as well as marketplaces such as Google Play, Windows Phone Store, iPhone App Store and Nokia Store.

Accenture said it has also designed and will launch a web portal for the eight state departments of Health, Police, Tourism, Disaster Management, Agriculture, Land Management, Social Welfare and Employment.

Government officials and citizens will be able to track citizen requests, initiate actions for solutions and view transaction details using this system.
It is also working with the Arunachal Department of IT on the e-District project and with the Arunachal Pradesh Police to implement the state's Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System (CCTNS), an integrated system to share information on crimes across India.