"Kejriwal's comments are shameful. We condemn them. He used to harp on morals and spoke against corruption but has been unmasked. He now stands for protecting his corrupt colleagues, many of whom are involved in various crimes, including trying to cause riots to grab power.

"He should know that democracy is governed by the rule of law and if anybody violates them, the the law will act," BJP national secretary Shrikant Sharma said.

Taking a dig at him, he wondered if PM Modi was behind the charges, including having forged degrees and domestic violence against wife, against AAP MLAs and said Kejriwal's comments showed paranoia driven by his failures.

Attacking Kejriwal for claiming that Modi was frustrated, BJP spokesperson G V L Narasimha Rao said, "He is frustrated not the Prime Minister. He is frustrated by his own incompetence in governing Delhi and lack of result on ground.

He is frustrated by criminal actions of his own party MLAs. "Comments made by him do not behove the office he holds and show paranoia on his part. It is time for a pathologically obsessive Kejriwal to go for another detoxification therapy for the body and mind."

Sharma said Kejriwal should stop "crying" and instead act against his leaders. Referring to cases like molesting a woman and desecration of holy religious books against AAP MLAs, he said the ugly face of AAP has been unmasked and the party stood exposed now.

Unleashing one of his most severe attacks on the Prime Minister, Kejriwal said PM Modi may "get me killed" and wondered if the country was in "safe hands".

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