The notice issued by the Income Tax Department to Arvind Kejriwal, key member of Team Anna, speaks loud about the presence of elements in the ruling party who nurture feeling of revenge and are replete with petty mindset. The IT department may have issued the notice to Kejriwal on a technical basis but does it have answer to the question, why only after three years it woke up from its slumber and realised its responsibility to recover arrears? It should be noted that Kejriwal was served the notice on August 5, the time when he was wandering from door to door due to non-cooperation of the Delhi police with regards to the venue for Anna’s fast. The way it has become a common belief that the Delhi police, at the behest of the Central government, was torturing Team Anna, similarly there is no room left for any qualms about the Centre being behind the IT notice. The actions of the Central government hint at its sacrifice of hesitation and shyness and adoption of stubborn attitude by letting the country know that it will neither tolerate nor spare anyone who shall speak against it. If this is not the reality then why does it not understand the simple fact that such acts are marring its image? If those, at the helm of country’s affairs, cannot be benevolent to their critics, they should at least desist from openly showcasing their attitude of revenge. It is indeed shameful that the government, demonstrating intolerance towards critics, is being led by the country’s oldest political party. Has it changed its values or has it become indifferent to public shame?

The IT notice to Arvind Kejriwal cannot be described as an exception. Everyone knows how the Central agencies have been alerted against Baba Ramdev, who started an agitation against black money. Some time back the Baba was given a huge reception by four Central Ministers and is now being targeted by the entire government machinery. The ED seems more than eager to take action against him. The public also remembers how a Congress Parliamentarian found the same Ganhdian Anna Hazare to be involved in corruption from head to toe whom the Prime Minister was compelled to salute. Undoubtedly, the critics of the government are not entitled to any concession. If they have done anything wrong then action should be taken against them. But it makes no sense to portray their small mistakes as big crimes. If the ruling government sets example of pettiness then the administrative machinery cannot be far behind in following the former’s example. Will the policy makers of the Central government try to understand that their ways and policies have paved the path for the experience of undeclared emergency along with maligning the country’s name and pouring acrimony in public life?