London: The multi talented American actor, dancer and singer John Travolta says he can not imagine not being an actor and still gets excited about new roles after 30 years as a film star.

“I can't imagine ever getting tired of it, I grew up with it. After a while it's hard work more than it's a creative thing. I know I'd probably be shot for saying that sometimes, but you have to be there to know it” a website quoted him as saying.

Travolta revealed that he loves to act because it helps him work off his excess energy.

“There's a bit of a mischievous child in me and it does get me in trouble on sets. But age seems gives people respect for their elders, so you get away with it a little more” he added.

“I was a classic child of the '60's, filled with sugar highs and crashes. I was rumbustious (uncontrollably exuberant) and creative and I would channel that energy into performing a lot.” Travolta said

“If I am not able to perform, watch out, because I am filled with the spirit of the play” he added.