New Delhi: He has been in the industry for over a decade and has given hits like 'Om Shanti Om', 'Rock On' and 'Rajneeti' but actor Arjun Rampal says acting was not his first love as he wanted to join the Army.
Rampal, who started his career in the industry with 2001 release 'Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat', said acting happened by chance.
"I always wanted to get into Army considering I was brought up in that environment, I saw my grandfather fighting for the country and always living a disciplined life.”
"I also wanted to make a difference but I guess life had some different plans and I became an actor. I met Rohit Bal and got my first break as a model and since then it has never been looking back. I definitely don't regret making the choice," Rampal said.
Although the 38-year-old's initial years in the industry were rough he says he didn't let the bad times break him down.
"There was a time when I had lost faith in myself and would sit at home and get frustrated and worried that no one is going to offer me work but at that time my family was my biggest support.”
"The only thing which kept me going then was that I have to prove people wrong who think that I can't act. Today, I am confident about myself and proud that I was considered to do such a big event like F1 and was able to put up a great show with Lady Gaga," Rampal added. Rampal also thinks that the mantra to success in the industry is not to come across as a repetitive actor but to keep experimenting with the roles.
"I don't follow routine paths and have always experimented with my roles and that's what keeps me going. I love the idea of playing so many characters and getting to know your capabilities. When 'Om Shanti Om' was offered to me I was very sceptical about taking it up at that point in my career but I am glad that I did," he added.
Rampal credits the critics for making him a better actor.
"People change like wind in this industry. There were days when people used to taunt me and tell me that I can't survive in this industry but I told myself that I was born to do this and I can. I would get depressed at times but I didn't let it break me," Rampal added.
Talking about his small screen venture 'Love 2 Hate U', he says that it's an interesting concept were people are brought face to face with the celebrity they hate the most.
"I am very excited and nervous about my debut on small screen. It is all about getting a person face to face with the celeb they hate the most. It is something we as celebs face all the time."