New Delhi/Mumbai: Taking a tough stand, Government on Tuesday said action will be taken against Air India pilots who have falsely reported sick and not resumed work, as the stir by over 200 pilots entered the eighth day leading to cancellation of 10 international flights.

A medical summary issued by the Civil Aviation ministry said most of the AI pilots, who called in sick, were neither found at home by doctors sent by the airline nor reported to doctors empanelled by the carrier. Their mobile phones were also unreachable.

Indicating that this was suspected all along, Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh said the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) will take action against them.

"You and me both know that we didn't need this report to understand what we knew from day fact the Indian Pilots Guild's (IPG) chief has been openly saying 'kal aur sick ho jayenge' (tomorrow more will fall sick)," Singh said, suggesting that the claims by pilots were bogus.

The airline has already sacked 71 striking pilots, who have been protesting against rescheduling of training programme of Dreamliner and issues related to their career progression.

According to the medical summary, about 48 out of the 53 Delhi-based pilots who reported sick were not found at home or their residences found locked and their mobiles unreachable.

Loose motion, vomiting, body ache were found to be the main reasons in the medical reports of the pilots residing at Hotel Hyatt.

Nine out of 18 outstation pilots, who were staying at the hotel, complained of bad stomach, loose motions, vomiting but none of them was found dehydrated, the summary said. Complaints of lower backache were reported by four outstation pilots but doctors found them medically fit.


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