Singh gave the activists of Ekta Parishad a patient hearing and told them that the government was ready to look into their genuine demands.
Ekta Parishad members, including their convener Ramesh Sharma, met Singh at his residence for about half-an-hour. Some BJP leaders are to meet later on Monday evening at the Singh's residence to discuss the Land Acquisition Ordinance and other matters.
Ekta Parishad said it was one of the organisations which had joined Hazare for the protest against the land ordinance. Accusing the Modi government of being anti-farmer, Hazare on Monday launched a two-day agitation here against the controversial ordinance. The start of the agitation coincided with the commencement of the Budget session of Parliament.
The 77-year-old activist was joined by hundreds of supporters and Narmada Bachao Andolan leader Medha Patkar for the protest. Hazare has said that he will take the movement against the land ordinance to each and every district of the country.


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