"Haunting of Bombay Mills" is said to be a gripping story inspired by real life incidents bordering the supernatural. It has been written by Prawal Raman.

Sachiin, who has always produced all his films including "Azaan", "Mumbai Mirror" and "Jackpot", says he was surprised when someone approached him just to act in a film.

"For the first time, I will not take decisions, but instructions. I was pleasantly surprised that someone came to me with a script and asked me only to be an actor. I have already been just an actor in the Telugu remake of 'Aashiqui 2'," Sachiin said.

To be directed by Ayush Raina, "Haunting At Bombay Mills" will feature Kainat Arora, Feryna Wazheir and Nandu Madhav.

Talking about Sachiin's role, Raina said: "Suraj Wadhwa is a flamboyant rich businessman flanked by bodyguards, and who lives life king size. We saw Suraj in Sachiin and offered him the role pronto. To our surprise, he immediately agreed.""Haunting Of Bombay Mills" is a Hindi Telugu bilingual film.

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