"We actors are like beggars. We never choose but are chosen by creative people. I wish to take up subjects that are interesting and powerful, which are women-centric. I will do it. I hope there will be better roles," she said.
"It is great that female-oriented films are doing well now. I wish more such films come up and work at the box office so more producers are inspired to make such movies," Rani said at the trailer launch of her upcoming film 'Mardaani'.
Rani, who is quite excited about her next release 'Mardaani', says the movie is close to her heart.
"This film is extremely close to us. It is the way of awakening the spirit of 'Mardaani'. At young age I got to know about Rani of Jhansi and how strong she was. And strong doesn't mean in terms of physicality, but in spirit. We women are descendants of Shakti. Through this film we are talking about the inner strength of women so that no one takes undue advantage of them," she said.

Speaking about her real life inspiration, Rani said, "I am inspired by my mother. She is a tigress. From her I have learnt how to be in hold of my actions. She is a very strong personality in the house. We women from Kolkata are known to be strong. My inspiration has been all the strong ladies from my family and lady police officers in real life. I hope this film works."

Rani says that during her research on this film, she found that women inspectors contribute largely to the society and they are as good as their male counterparts or even better. She thinks one needs to change the perception towards women officers.


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