The actress posted a video on Twitter in which she is accusing Subhash in presence of his wife Dimple and 'Aurangzeb' director Atul Sabharwal.

Tyagi tweeted the video on February 19 with a puzzling post 'confession of the sexual abuser'.

The video footage shows the group in the middle of a confrontation regarding Kapoor having sexually abused Geetika. The director can be heard saying that he is ashamed of everything that had happened. Kapoor added that he is ready to bear the consequences.

For over 31 minutes, Subhash’s wife, Dimple is seen pleading to keep the matter private because she doesn’t want their son to get affected by his dad’s alleged misbehavior.
Tyagi is reportedly heard shouting because of this she cannot trust a single man. The video comes to an end with a charged-up Geetika slapping Kapoor, an act that would help her forget about the incident and heal herself.

Atul Sabhrawal in support of the actress tweeted, "@TyagiGeetika more power to you. May this end the mental suffering that you've been going through ever since."


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