Mumbai: The statement of yesteryear actress Sadhana, related to a private complaint filed by a builder charging her with making defamatory statements against him could not be recorded on Thursday as the as the local concerned court was on leave.

The complaint was filed by Yusuf Lakdawala, a city-based real estate developer. "The court did not record the statement of Sadhana as it was on leave," said Lakdwala's advocate Vibhav Krishna.

Sadhana had, in August last year, lodged a complaint with the police accusing Lakdawala of issuing death threats and trying to force her to vacate her 3,000 sq ft rented house in suburban Santacruz.

Following the complaint, Lakdawala was arrested in November and later released on bail. The builder then approached the Bandra Metropolitan Magistrate claiming that he had been falsely implicated and defamed by Sadhana. The Magistrate had asked the police to probe the allegations and submit a report. The police, after verifying mobile phone data and tracing location of both Sadhana and Lakdawala's phones, submitted a report stating the complaint filed by the actress appeared to be false.

The 68-year-old actress resides on the ground floor of a two-storey bungalow, 'Sangeeta', with her niece and domestic helps. Actress Baby Naaz lives on the first floor, while the second floor is occupied by Lakdawala's mother-in-law and relatives. The bungalow is owned by singer Asha Bhosale.

Sadhana, in her complaint, had claimed that Lakdawala wanted to redevelop the property located in prime location and allegedly threatened her to vacate the house.