"I love the fact that now if I look around at my contemporaries, they are not concentrating on glamour, which they are leaving to red carpet events or photoshoots. They are focussing on roles and I think that's an amazing thing," Jacqueline said.

The actress, who is currently awaiting the release of 'Roy', which is hitting the screens on February 13, comes from a non-film background. And she believes that the only edge that star children have above 'outsiders' is the goodwill they have courtesy their parents.

"Actors from a film background have goodwill of their parents. Directors will take care of them. We (outsiders) don't come with that tag, and there are times we will have to compete and push ourselves to get noticed,” she said.

"Actors who have a backing, they start with support, but there will be a time they have to prove themselves," she added.

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