A minuscule of 16 percent doctors is available in these premier healthcare institutes while 91 percent of paramedical posts are yet to be filled.
Thirty three MBBS seats are vacant in Patna-based AIIMS while 11 in AIIMS-Raipur. In Rishikesh 112 doctors are enrolled (only 11 percent) while Bhubaneshwar is running with15 percent of doctors. The Union Health Ministry has raised concern over it, while the Central government has promised to establish 13 new AIIMS-like institutes across the country.
According to the official data of Health Ministry, as many as 1,048 positions of doctors have been sanctioned for each AIIMS-like health centre but till now only 979 seats have been filled.
The scene of nurses and paramedical staff is pathetic. 12,384 seats of nurses and paramedical staff have been earmarked for these apex healthcare institutes while only 1,131 are filled. In Patna only 171 (against 2,064 posts) paramedical staffers have been enrolled. Raipur-AIIMS is going with only 6 percent of paramedical staff while Rishikesh with 7 percent only.  
Classes in premier healthcare centres in Patna, Bhopal, Rishikesh, Bhubaneshwar, Jodhpur and Raipur were started in year 2012 which holds 100 MBBS seats each.
According to the Health Ministry officials, enrollment process was to be done in a phased manner that’s why the seats are still vacant that leads to resources crunch.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi was to officially inaugurate some of these AIIMS-like institutes but chances are less in the wake of grim situation of these healthcare centres.


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