In the song Shake it like Shammi in Hasee Toh Phasee, we see you dancing alongside Siddharth Malhotra. You think this will be your breakthrough?

It's a fun film for everyone... I can't reveal much about my character but I can tell you that it's the first time I am getting to dance on screen.

You are a trained classical dancer. Were you upset you didn't get to showcase your dancing skills earlier?
I had once joked that I can't dance. Maybe that's why I couldn't dance in any of my movies. But I wasn't disappointed. I think getting to dance is easier than getting a great role. I got the chance to start off with a good role in 1920 — there is nothing more an actor can ask for.

Hasee Toh Phasee also stars Parineeti Chopra. Do you view her as competition?

I think everyone is competition. Fortunately, nowadays, you get proper roles so you can focus on making your performance look good. Working with Siddharth and Parineeti was great; we had loads of fun.
What do you have that your competitors — Alia, Parineeti and Shraddha — don't?

I think I have bushier eyebrows than them (laughs).

After an impressive debut, you remained rather low-key.

I have no background in films, no contacts whatsoever. When you don't have a film background, it's difficult to get your first film and to get films after that. Lots of people with a non-filmi background have made it here. I guess it might take a bit longer for me.

Vikram Bhatt is a virtual film factory. Why has he not repeated you after 1920 and Phir?

It's not about doing three films or ten; when there is a good role, an actor takes it up. Vikram sir and I have done 1920 together so when he has a better role for me, I am sure we will work together.

Courtesy: Mid-Day

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