New Delhi: In a major setback for the commoners, who are already battling skyrocketing prices, the hike in compressed natural gas (CNG) prices by Rs 4.70 per kg by Adani Gas Ltd will adversely affect their budget from Sunday.

Citing rising prices of crude oil and LNG in the international market, the company on Saturday in Ahmedabad said it would raise the price of CNG, effective from April 1.
In Ahmedabad, the CNG price would now cost Rs 50.20 per kg against Rs 45.50.

The company has network of 50 CNG stations in Ahmedabad, and 7 refuelling stations in Vadodara. According to statistics, it supplies over 3.50 lakh kgs of CNG to over one lakh vehicles everyday.

The company also supplies natural gas to 1.50 lakh domestic consumers, 7,00 industrial houses and 1,100 commercial consumers.

This is the second time that the company has revised the price of the CNG price in the last five months. Earlier in November 2011, a similar hike in prices was made from Rs 40.50 per kg to Rs 45.50.