Mumbai, Jan 16 (Agencies): The environment ministry's decision calling for the demolition of the scam-hit Adarsh society building in Mumbai was made in hurry, the society's counsel Satish Maneshinde said on Sunday.

 “Well, I was expecting such an order to be passed by the ministry because the content of the order was leaked to the media on Thursday and Friday and this is wholly malafide and illegal. To pass an order on a Sunday like this without even any legal precedence, I totally feel it is a malafide order and we challenge it as and when we get the copy of the order,” he said. 

Asked about the legal options, he said, “The first legal option is to approach the high court and society will decide the next course of action. I will advice them after seeing the copy of the order it is premature to tell what we are going to do.”

Maneshinde also responded to the tone of the report.  ”I haven't seen the copy of the order. The minister unfortunately does not realise that he was not a part of hearing when the hearing took place before the environmental ministry,” he said. 

He also said that options will be considered after receiving the order and that he was not the final authority on this.