Though ethnic jwelleries are antic and inspired by traditional designs, they are still in vogue. It not only goes well with your traditional outfits but also adds glamour to your western look. Single ethnic jwellery pieces can enhance your over all look.

Jewelleries: bangles and rings

-    Best way to wear traditional bangles and rings; team it up with skirts and short dresses.

-    But your outfits and accessories should be comfortable.

-    Keep it in your mind that your dress should be simple so that your ethnic bangles and rings appear more vibrant.

-    Fine motifs like pezili, peacock or elephant pattern detailing give elegant look to your outfits.

-    To make your light and simple dress more vibrant, opt kundan worked bangles or rings.

-    Wear matching bangles or cuffs on your western dress.

Jewellery: belt

-    To give instant glam effect to your personality, best option is jwelled belt.

-    You can use antic silver or another metal belt on your dress.

-    Pear it up with single piece dress, high-west pants or skirts. You can wear it on your jeans.

-    While wearing belt, keep its size in your mind. If you wear light fabric, thin belt will go well on this.

-    If you want to highlight your waistline, prefer thick belt. For thick fabric, choose mid-length belt.

Jewelleris: neckpiece  

-    Traditional neckpiece perfectly balanced classic tailored suit-length.

-    Focus on your neckpiece.

-    One statement piece can change your overall look. Uncut diamond antic neckpiece with jadaau polka gives beautiful contrast look to your western dress.

-    Besides, layered neckpieces really entice you. Even you can carry two-three layered neckpieces together.

-    You can wear your neckpiece on your collared button-don shirts. Flaunt your neckpiece under your collar.

-    You can combine your neckpieces with jacket.

Jewelleries: Earnings

-    Do not wear anything around your neck if you are wearing long earrings.

-    Wear clean and simple neckline dresses so that it can’t clash with earrings.

-    To focus on your jwelleries, wear coloured stones earrings. But keep in mind that your dress should be light coloured.

-    Prefer such kind of hairstyle which doesn’t hide your earrings.

-    Opt earrings according to your face-cut. Most of the jwelleries suit on oval shaped face-cut. Round earrings don’t suit on round face-cut. Prefer geometric shapes jwelleries.

Courtesy: Sakhi