Mumbai:  The buzz is that Aditya Narayan was apparently, slapped by a mystery girl at a suburban restro-bar for trying to get fresh with her.

An eyewitness informs us, "Aditya was drunk and hanging around with his friends at a pub in a five star hotel. His girlfriend Shweta was also in the vicinity. Apparently, the actor-singer passed a snide comment on a girl and was even falling over her.The mystery girl was with a bunch of buddies but she alone was more than a match for him. Before he knew it, she slapped him."

Aditya confirms that he went to the said resto-bar on the given day but denies getting into any sort of brawl.

The actor-singer says, "Do you think any girl can slap me and get away? Whoever this girl is, she is doing it just for publicity. She can say whatever she wants to. I would say she is very dumb."

When we asked him what had happened that night he informs, "It was just a minor argument. I was there with two beautiful women. A club is full of people.They act fresh and when you don't respond to them they get offended. As long as my conscience is clear I have no worries. My parents have taught better than to get into fights with women."