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Aditya Roy Kapoor reveals his fitness secret

Video Jockey (VJ) and actor, Aditya Roy Kapoor, does not believe in six pack abs.  He gives preference to healthy meal and moderate workout to maintain a fit body. What else he does for his fitness, shares Aditya with Delhi Desire.

Out of the box

I prefer playing football in an open ground rather than wasting an hour time in gym. Football is a great way to do cardio. Apart from this, I do weight-lifting 5 days a week. Playing football helps to make muscles stress free which we cannot attain by running or walking on the treadmill. For a healthy and active lifestyle, gym session acts as supplement. But in my opinion there is nothing better for your fitness regime than playing an outdoor sport.

Blessing act

The profession I am in requires me to lose a few pounds at times for which I have to be very careful with my diet. But otherwise I eat whatever I feel like. Whenever it is required for me to be in shape, I become strict with my diet. A proper diet is very essential for a healthy body.

Holistic fitness

Yoga is very essential if you want to be cool and calm. I heard from many people that it brings changes within you. That is why I am also keen to start practicing yoga in my daily routine. Now-a-days mental fitness is more important than physical relaxation. Therefore I am more focused on holistic fitness. We get internal serenity through yoga and this is important in the Indian glitzy cine world.

Break ‘toh banta hai’

Whenever I feel that my stress is increasing, I take a break. A disciplined lifestyle might be alluring initially but this does not work in the long run. A monotonous daily routine becomes mudane, even if it is just a simple diet. But when you start a new trend and lifestyle or even diet, it interests you and makes you more active. Hence a break is vital for everyone. Too much of anything is not good. Eating junk food for a month and not exercising are akin to following a strict fitness regime. Therefore, it is always better to follow a routine which your body feels comfortable in.

(Tip of the month by fitness instructor Dheeraj Kumar
Warm-up exercise for 5-10 minutes is very important before starting any proper exercise. This provides heat to your body. This improves your immune system. But if you start hard work out without doing warm-up exercise then the stress hormone in the body increases and supersedes the normal level. This results in weak immune response and makes you more prone to sickness. Warm-up also helps in controlling blood pressure and increases the circulation of blood in your heart.)

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