On the occasion of the golden jubilee celebration of the Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has once again blamed the administrative machinery for not taking advantage of the scientific achievements made in the field of agriculture. This proves that the administration is a hurdle in fulfilling the goals set up by the government. The Prime Minister has clarified that the glaring differences of the experiments in laboratories and yield produced in the fields indicates towards systematic failure. He also clarified that it is the responsibility of the administration to bridge the gap. And to do so, the Centre has to provide all kinds of support to the administrative machinery. However, it has been proved that such statements made in these conferences hold little importance. Since the states are also required to extend their support to boost agricultural sector, efforts made by the Centre alone will not help the cause. Ironically, in the present political scenario the state and the Centre have differed on every single issue. Even ideal projects proposed by the Centre have been opposed by the states. Though the Centre in the 12th five-year-plan is determined to increase agricultural growth rate by 4 percent, the states do not show any positive signs of support in this regard. In these circumstances it is difficult to say whether there will be sufficient production of foodgrains in order to implement the Food Security Bill.

The question of increasing production is not only to implement the Food Security Bill but also to reduce cases of malnutrition in the country. Though the Centre has increased the agricultural budget in the 12th five-year-plan, it is to be seen whether the benefits reach the farmers or not. It is a matter of great concern that subsidies in the agricultural sector are being increased every year but there is no positive outcome.  Probably this is the reason why the Union Finance Minister raised concerns over the leakage of subsidies. But the Centre looks unaffected. Both the Centre and the states must work towards setting up of machinery to implement these policies.