There is already evidence that a Mediterranean diet can help reduce chances of developing cancer in the first place, as well as protect against heart disease.

Researchers from Hospital of Piacenza in Italy studied more than 300 women who had been treated for early stage breast cancer and divided them into two groups.

The first group followed a Mediterranean diet while the second group continued a normal, healthy diet.

After three years, 11 patients in the group on a normal, healthy diet again developed breast cancer, 'The Mirror' reported.

None of the patients following the Mediterranean diet had a relapse, researchers said.

Adopting the diet of fresh fish, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and olive oil could dramatically reduce the chances of cancer coming back, they said.

"The adoption of a Mediterranean Diet in this study has reduced the risk of cancer recurrence," said Claudia Biasini from Hospital of Piacenza.

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