Gwalior: Even as people across the globe observed June 5 as the World Environment Day, noted environmentalist Sopan Joshi laid emphasis on conserving the environment through friendly ways.

Addressing a seminar on ‘media role in protecting environment’ here on Sunday, Joshi said our ancestors were aware of the threats and never went on to exploit resources against the nature. However, people nowadays are ignorant of the ways to conserve the nature.

While talking about media’s role, he said the language plays a vital role in environment conservation.

He compared environment functioning with languages by citing the example of English, which enriched itself by adopting words from other languages.

Describing the ways of water management, he said our ancestors used to collect rain water in wells and ponds for their future needs, but people today are ignoring the past legacy.

“There are so many states where rain water can be stored and used later effectively, but due to lack of facilities and knowledge they are unable to do so,” he added.