Being a girl you have so many options to accentuate your look. There are so many accessories available in markets and you have to just pamper yourself with these stylish stuffs. Hair accessories could adorn your lovely tresses and add to your glamour quotient. It’s not only a beautiful accessory but also gives you young and feminine touch. But before carrying them, there is a need to keep certain things in your mind.


In pearl hair bands, you get white pearls and stone hair band easily. But slim pearl hair bands look good. These are party wear. You can use it with your open hair and high bun hairstyle as well.

Sleek & plain:

You can carry slim or plain hair bands in any time. If you are going for get together or a birthday party, you can simply carry it before teaming it with your dress.


Printed hair bands are very much in vogue. Generally, it comes in broad and different types of prints. These hair bands emphasize your lock’s beauty.

Bow & flower:

Bow and floral hair bands are trendy yet stylish. These bands give cute look to girls. The most important thing of this, you don’t need to match it with your dress.

Basic colour:

Black, brown, white, gold and silver are few colours which suit on any dress.

According to face:

Big face:

If you have broad face, wear multiple slim hair bands. Just avoid single hair bands.

Thin face:

Slim bands look good on thin faces, avoid wide or super wide hair bands.

Round face:

Wide hair bands go perfectly well with these kinds of face types. Avoid light accessories hair bands.

Courtesy: Sakhi