Pune: Launching a frontal attack on Congress, BJP leader L K Advani on Friday said the ruling party has "accepted" dynastic succession as a principle, for which the country is "criticised" the world over.
Without naming the Gandhi family, Advani said, "The premier party has accepted dynastic succession as a principle. Is it not shocking...the world over we are criticised for this, but not within the country.”
"Therefore, my party has categorically said that just as good governance and corruption cannot go together, similarly democracy and dynastic succession cannot co-exist," he said, adding he was saying this for all parties.
Speaking further on the issue, he said, "While in case of other shortcomings the media is forthright, there is something about this which we cannot talk about, we cannot write about.”
Asked if the judiciary had become active, the BJP leader said, "When the executive becomes unmindful of its obligations, then the judiciary’s role is to be active."
On the corruption cases involving its leaders in Karnataka, Advani said, "I have said what I wanted to. I don’t want to add anything.”
To a question on Congress leader Digvijay Singh saying he wanted to see Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister once before his death, Advani laughed it off, saying "This is the last laugh."