New Delhi: Hinting at his intention to raise the issue of blackmoney during Jan Chetna Yatra (public awareness campaign), veteran BJP leader LK Advani on Monday said the United Progressive Alliance dispensation would be his prime target.

A day ahead of his Yatra, set to be commenced on Tuesday from Chhapra district in Bihar, the BJP leader said that two big issues- cash-for-vote scam and blackmoney would be the main issues during the ‘38 day-Yatra’ which will pass through about 24 states.

Raising questions on the UPA regime, Advani said, “Issues of weak-leadership, price- rise, corruption and black money has led distrust for the political system.”
L K Advani added that none other party has caused so much damage to the democracy than UPA led by the Congress.

Without naming Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev, Advani said that his ‘Yatra’ would take forward that sentiment in public which was kindled by the Civil Society.

Slamming indirectly the half-hearted efforts of the Central government to check corruption and blackmoney, Advani asked the UPA government to make details of Swiss bank account holders public.

While answering to a question, he ruled out any differences within the party on the proposed Jan Chetna Yatra. He said, “Narendra Modi would join the Yatra in Gujarat.”