1. 'Undivided' love and attention of your parents: The best thing of being an only child is to get undivided and unconditional attention of your parents all the time. They will only dote on you for everything. Except you, there would be no one at the home to drag their attention or love.

2. King of your personal room: No room-sharing, not even interference in it. There would be no one to share your room and you would be its king. You can decorate or keep it as the way you want.

3. No argument for controlling remote: 'What to watch in TV' will only be restricted to your parents and not any sibling be it elder or younger. You can control the remote and no annoying sibling would bother you when you want to watch your favorite show.

4. Only taker and no sharing tension: Another advantage of being an only child is that you need not take tension to share your things. You will be the owner of everything. Your parents have only you to spend the money on and not have anyone else to share it. So, more toys, more chocolates, more games, everything will be only yours.

5. Grow up as an 'Independent': As a single child, you get to learn from your own faults and deeds. This makes you grow more independent, capable and sensible. So, stay happy as an only child of your parents and live your life.