New Delhi: The advertisements claiming guaranteed treatment will soon be prohibited. Complying strictly with the Drug and Remedies Objectionable Advertisement Act 1954, the Drug Controller General has decided to implement the provisions of the act to prohibit such advertisements that lure mostly rural masses.

Considering the spurt in the number of patients who are easily carried away with the tall claims made by these advertisements, the Controller General will hold meeting with the Drug Controllers from different states on November 14.

Notably, the advertisements that promote confirmed treatment for disease like heart attack, cancer, HIV/AIDS, Asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes and other such 60 illness are already banned under the act. However, norms are being violated without any fear. Recently, the Punjab government has banned such advertisement.

Citing the repercussions faced by the patients who are lured by the wrong advertisements, Indian Medical Association (IMA) has asked Delhi government to impose ban on these ads.  Earlier in 2009, IMA apprised Delhi Drug Controller about the issue. A four-member team was constituted which remained confined to papers.