Bangalore: Advocate Sirajin Basha, on whose complaints the Special Lokayukta court on Saturday issued arrest warrant against former Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, is facing contempt proceedings in the High Court.

Justice B S Patil on Saturday recommended to the Registrar General of the High Court to initiate contempt of court proceedings against Basha who had on Friday appealed to the single Judge not to hear and decide the two petitions filed by Yeddyurappa challenging summons issued by the Special Lokayukta Court.

Justice Patil also announced he is recusing from hearing the cases.

The Judge had on September 30 stayed proceedings against Yeddyurappa and others before the Special Lokayukta Court in two cases. However, this was set aside by a division bench on Oct 4.

Basha had submitted in an affidavit yesterday that this court (Justice Patil) granted stay order in both petitions (filed by Yeddyurappa) commenting on his (Basha's) conduct that he has adopted delaying tactics. "But I submit that there was no such tactics adopted by either me or by my advocate....therefore, I am deeply hurt and I feel that the decision be rendered by some judge other than your lordship".

"I don't want to hear the cases", Justice Patil said on Saturday and added he is "dictated by his conscience". He, however, made it clear that his decision does not mean that he is "accepting" what Basha said in his affidavit.

The Judge felt the affidavit is aimed at "obstructing justice and court proceedings and affecting the "purity" of the legal process.

Stating he is "disturbed" by the "insinuation" made in the affidavit, the judge said "can an advocate (Basha) stoop to such a level?".

Justice Patil also opined that if contempt proceedings were not initiated, similar affidavits are likely to be filed by others in different cases praying for change of bench.