London: The 'Bones' star David Boreanaz says he is determined to move on from his extra-marital affair as he is convinced his infidelity eventually brought him closer to his wife.
The 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' actor confessed last year to cheating on his longterm partner - former Playboy Playmate Jaime Bergman - with an unnamed woman who was later revealed to be Tiger Woods' alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel.
"(The affair turned into) a bonding experience, in the long run... In a sacred ground like marriage, you find yourself out of it at certain times for reasons unknown that can be destructive. There could be a demon that kind of comes out and overtakes you... Do I believe in giving up? No, I don't. I'm a fighter. I'm a lover."
The couple married in 2001, and is parents to son Jaden, nine, and daughter Bella, two.