Balandi (Afghanistan): Taliban militants opened fire on Tuesday on an Afghan government delegation visiting one of the two villages in southern Afghanistan where a US soldier is suspected of killing 16 Afghan civilians.
The delegation was talking with families of the victims in Balandi village when they heard shooting, said Qayum Karzai, a brother of the Afghan President who was part of the group.
He said he did not believe anyone was killed in the attack, but he had heard reports of one person wounded in the foot.
"We were giving them our condolences, then we heard two very, very light shots," said Karzai. "Then we assumed that it was the national army that started to fire in the air."
He said that the members of the delegation were safe and they were headed back to Kandahar city.
As per the sources, the gunfire came from two different directions.
The US is holding an Army staff sergeant in custody who is suspected of carrying out the killings before dawn Sunday in two villages close to his base in Kandahar province's Panjwai district, considered the birthplace of the Taliban.
Villagers have described him stalking from house to house in the middle of the night, opening fire on sleeping families and then burning some of the bodies of the dead afterward.

Nine of the 16 killed were children, and three were women, according to Karzai.
Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid vowed to take revenge for the attack in a statement sent to reporters on Tuesday. He said the shooter should be tried as a war criminal and executed by the victims' relatives.
Hundreds of students in eastern Afghanistan shouted angry slogans against the US and the American soldier accused of carrying out the killings, the first significant protest in response to the tragedy.