Kabul, Jan 14 (Agencies): Two Afghan civilians, including a child, were killed in an insurgent attack despite crackdowns on leaders, NATO officials said.

The child was killed by a bomb outside a music cassette shop in a marketplace in Jalalabad, some 80 miles east of Kabul, said Ahmad Zia Abdulzai, a spokesman for Nangarhar province. NATO said three other civilians were wounded in the blast.

In the south, NATO said insurgents opened fire on civilians in the Washer district of Helmand province, killing one and wounding three more. The wounded were evacuated to a coalition medical facility.

Separately, NATO reported that Afghan and coalition forces detained a Taliban operator in Behsud district of the same province, one of scores of insurgents who have been captured or killed in recent months in southern and eastern Afghanistan, especially along the Pakistan border.

The coalition said the Taliban operator coordinated the movement of foreign fighters into eastern Kunar province from neighbouring Pakistan and was responsible for conducting attacks against Government and coalition forces.