Kandahar, Jan 29 (Agencies): Abdul Latif Ashna, the Deputy Governor of Afghanistan's southern Kandahar province, was killed in a suicide car bomb attack on Saturday, local authorities said.

The Governor was killed in the attack in Kandahar city while five others were hurt, the provincial press spokesman said, without providing further details.

A motorcycle-borne suicide bomber packed with explosives rammed into a car carrying Ashna, killing him and wounding three of his bodyguards, the Interior Ministry said.

The attacker hit as the official, Abdul Latif Ashna, was being driven to work in the provincial capital, said a ministry spokesman, Zemeri Bashery.

US ambassador to Afghanistan Karl Eikenberry, condemning the killing and offering his condolences, said, "The loss of a great deputy governor like this is a setback."

"What we have seen is that consistently, Afghan government leaders emerge and the people continue to rally in an effort to establish security in this province and build a strong government," he added.

Karl spoke at Kandahar airfield during a naturalisation ceremony for US service members becoming citizens at the base.

Kandahar, the hotbed for Taliban, has been the scene of several attacks recently. Two weeks ago a bicycle bomb aiming police vehicles near the city centre injured at least 10 people—six civilians and four police.

Last month, a suicide car bombing in the city center killed three people and injured 26 others, majority of them police.