Haridwar: Health of Swami Sampurnand, who is on fast unto death demanding CBI probe into Swami Nigamananda death, is deteriorating with every passing day. His body weight has been decreasing continuously. On Wednesday, his body weight dropped further by one kg.

Sampoornand is adamant that he would break his fast only after CBI probe begins into the Nigamananda case, a 34-year-old ascetic who died here after fasting for two and a half months to save the river Ganga from pollution and to stop illegal sand quarrying.

On the 12th day of his fast, Ayurvedic doctors Dr Uday Narayan Pandey and Dr Daya Shankar Rai examined Sampurnand’s health and found that his weight has started to reduce however his pulse rate and blood pressure level are normal.

Dr Pandey informed that blood and urine test were to be conducted, but Smurnanand objected to blood test. Therefore, only urine test was conducted, which was negative for ketone bodies. The doctors will once again examine him on Thursday.