Arjun had played completely different role in ‘2 States’ as compared to his past movies. In ‘2 States’, he has played a character of smart, suave, cultured and lovable young man.

"The best thing is that kids are not scared of me anymore. After my previous films, kids got scared upon seeing me," the 28-year-old said.
"One kid saw me once and started saying 'Bala, Bala' (name of Arjun's character in 'Gunday') and later he started to cry. No kid is crying now and they are ready to take photographs with me," he added.

Commenting on the business of his latest film, Arjun said, "We make a film for a very big diasporas of audience, so everyone has a right to opinion. You are spending money, so you can have an opinion, but eventually you make a film for the majority and not minority. I think box office collections are majority whether they like it or not," Arjun said.

"You have to balance the pros and cons of the critical reviews and audience interactions. It is too early to suggest where the film is heading in terms of numbers but as far as I am concerned, I have never got such a good response for any of my previous films," he added.


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