Fearing any terror attack, the US has on the occasion of remembering 9/11 decided to extend the period of state of emergency in the country. This vividly indicates that the war against terror has not yet finished rather it needs to be made more effective and aggressive. Today the world is more concerned with the growing menace of terrorism. Although, al-Qaeda kingpin Osama bin Laden, who was the brainchild for the cataclysmic attack on America on September 9, 2001, has been killed, but terror is still posing a serious challenge to the world. Albeit the US succeeded in laying siege around al-Qaeda, it has not dampened the morale of the perpetrators, rather is responsible for this failure. Had Iraq not been targeted after the attack on Afghanistan and the terror streak in Pakistan’s character had been spotted, the situation would have been different today. The US did horrendous folly by backing Pakistan’s sinister intention of fostering different terror groups, which have become now thorn in the flesh of Uncle Sam. Now the situation has become so grievous that the US is desperate to get out from the quagmire of waging war against rogue elements in terror-torn Afghanistan and it is seeking ground to make a compromise with Taliban which is patronizing al-Qaeda. Needles to say, American establishment has now realized their mistake, but they along with the world map are facing the music of this goof. Unfortunately, India is also at the receiving end, because the US is groping in the dark for streamlining Pakistan, which has become the haven for the perpetrators.

America and its allied countries are not in a position to continue their fight in Afghanistan, because their economies are in pale.  The ramifications of war against terrorism are such that the fissure between western countries and Muslim nations is going deeper and the terror outfits are fishing in this troubled water. The Muslim countries consider America a great foe. The US President is trying hard to ease the situation, but things have not fallen in place and it is difficult to say if he will ever get success to conciliate irate Muslim nations. The US is not able to convince Muslim fraternity that it just believes in the expansion of democracy rather than serving personal agenda by backing up the countries being led by the dictatorship.  It is a profound irony that America is compelled to hobnob with the countries like Saudi Arab and Pakistan. Ten years have elapsed since the 9/11 mayhem, America and its allied countries are expected to relook their strategies to negotiate with terrorism. The world could not expect such thing either from the terror outfits or from their patrons because their ill-framed plans do not allow them to think in right perspective.