Google has named the project as 'Skybender' which is determined to provide internet at a much faster speed using drones, following which many receivers have been set in New Mexico to test the technology. Apart from that, a flight control centre is being put up from where the whole system will be scrutinised.

The tech giant Google will use the technique of millimetre wave radio transmission to provide faster internet using drones, through which faster and excessive data can be provided to the users. Since millimetre wave radio transmission has a limited impact area, Google is hence doing research to transmit it through drones.

Built with the help of Google's affiliated firm, Google Titan, the solar-powered drones will fly at such a height where even aeroplanes do not fly. The technology does not impose any kinds of danger. The equipments installed in the drones and the receivers established on the earth will enable to provide internet to its users.

Earlier, Google's Project Loon provided 4G internet to distant places using balloons 25 kilometres from earth. It plans to install around 300 balloons sufficed with equipments that will fly in unison. In 2014, Google installed around 30 balloons in Stratosphere of New Zealand, which are working till date.

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