'Be Like Qodos' has attracted more than 66,000 likes on its Dari Facebook page in over two weeks, a sizeable number in a country where few have access to the Internet.

Qodos, a fictional name for a model Afghan citizen, takes a self-righteous stand on a variety of social ills – from corruption to street harassment of women.

"Qodos sees a woman driving. Qodos does his own work and does not stare at the woman. Qodos is a nice person. Be like Qodos", reads one post highlighting the endemic sexual harassment of women.

In another post, it takes a swipe at rampant graft, arguably the single biggest challenge confronting the troubled country rebuilding itself after decades of war.

"Qodos does not pay or receive bribe. He respects the law. Qodos is smart. Be like Qodos", it says.
'Be like Qodos' touches on other controversial issues such as the growing wave of Afghan migrants undertaking dangerous voyages to Europe in the face of worsening security and unemployment.

The messages, though simple, are drawing widespread praise.