"The National Council has authorised the PAC to take disciplinary action against any member who, without authorisation, issues media statement against party line and decisions in a bid to tarnish the party's image," the party said in a statement.

Party sources said now that Bhushan-Yadav duo are neither a member of PAC or NE, it would be easy to take action against them and "expel" them from the party if they give statements that could tarnish the image of the party.

The party also announced that it would hold a dharna- gherao of Parliament in April in protest against the land acquisition bill.

"In a resolution passed by the party, the National Council decided that the party would organise a protest against the Land Acquisition Ordinance outside Parliament on April 22," PAC leader Sanjay Singh said.

The National Council also decided that Council members, except district Convenors, could give their names to the party’s National Secretary for organizational work with a detailed brief about their work. The PAC will accommodate these names in committees with a PAC member as Organizing Member of the committee.

A decision was taken to focus on organization-building across India, volunteer engagement and their participation in decision-making and contesting elections in different states.     

"Suggestion from volunteers from other states to Delhi government and their implementation was also discussed. A committee will be formed to take care of this," he said.

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