Reacting to election results in Bihar, he said while it is too early to say what impact the results will have on national politics, senior Congress leader said what is clear is non-BJP parties will begin to feel more confident that the BJP can be defeated despite the fact that it commands 'enormous' resources especially financial.

He said that the Opposition will now feel that 'BJP is not invincible' despite its enormous resources. "I am aware of the kind of resources deployed by the BJP in the Bihar elections," he further added.

Asked whether Chief Minister Nitish Kumar could be the rallying point for a Third Front against BJP, Chidambaram said he cannot speculate and it was too early to say what Kumar will do. He said if the attitude of the government to the Opposition parties changes in Lok Sabha, then it could also reflect in the Rajya Sabha.

On the GST issue, he stated that the opposition of the BJP to GST was 'unreasoned, blind and arbitrary' while that of the Congress is based on specific objection.

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