New Delhi: After the CD controversy, the co-chairman of the drafting committee of Lokpal Bill, Shanti Bhushan has found himself involved in another hullabaloo. The former Law Minister has now been named in a land allotment scam in Uttar Pradesh.

According to reports, Bhushan and his lawyer son Jayant were allotted two 10,000 sq m plots in Noida, without carrying out draws and auctions. The case has been challenged in Allahabad High Court too.

Former Additional Solicitor General Vikas Singh, who is also the petitioner in the Noida farmland allotment case, on Wednesday, accused Noida authorities of favouritism in giving prime farmland to the Bhushans, without following any standard process.

However, Bhushan in his defence said he has not taken any benefit from the UP government’s discretionary quota. “This was an open project published as an advertisement for which he deposited Rs 31 lakhs as application amount”, he said.

He also claimed that his name in the allotment process came as a surprise to him as no draw was held for the allotment process.

Bhushan also clarified that he and his son are already fighting a case against Mayawati government. Hence, no question over their gaining benefits from the allotment scam should arise.

“If we are found guilty then the government is free to annul the project. We won’t challenge it further”, he added.

On the other hand, Amar Singh dismissed Bhushan’s claim that they have never met. He said that he had participated in a lawyer-client conference in the Samajwadi Party case when some BSP MLAs had joined it in 2006, in which Bhushan also played a significant role. “The party also paid the lawyer Rs 50 lakh to fight an anti-defection case then,” Singh added.

Meanwhile, Bhushan also served a defamation notice against Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh and demanded a public apology for alleging that he had undervalued a property in Allahabad and not paid adequate stamp duty on it. But the Congress leader remained unmoved.

Amidst all these controversies, UP Congress Chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi has asked Bhushan to resign from the Joint Draft Committee.