The diversified conglomerate Apeejay Surrendra Group has introduced this unique concept, which unlike CSR where the company management invests in social causes, ISR puts the responsibility on employees to usher in the change.

Under the initiative, Apeejay is tying up with NGOs and CSR units of other companies where employees can volunteer for a cause and get rewarded during performance appraisals.
"The ISR program creates the corporate structure that makes it possible for employees to join in a cause, come up with an innovative idea for a social issue, get an effective platform to deliver it and often get the time to deliver within their working hours," Apeejay Group chairman Karan Paul said.

He said that CSR running parallel to ISR could be an effective model.
After orientation and training sessions to understand volunteering ethics, employees are encouraged to work with NGOs with whom the company has tied-up with. Depending on their areas of interest and skills, employees choose their preferred type of community work.
In various cities including Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai, the employees work with NGOs and old-age homes to make a difference into the lives of those deprived.



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