When visitors in US and Canada clicked on the link to access the webpage of ‘amazon.com’ to scroll down what’s new on the shopping portal, they encountered a technical snag in opening the site. The site suffered a complete blackout for some durations. The estimates differ on exactly how long Amazon was offline: Some reports say it was down for 15 minutes,  25 minutes, 40 minutes, and 45 minutes. The webpage went offline around 1 pm.

According to the reports, Amazon's UK site was not affected by the glitch, however, its Canadian home page showed an error message.

The company’s average sales is around USD117,882 per minute. If the website continued to be offline for 40-long-minutes then the blackout could have cost the firm as much as USD 4.72 million loss, according to the business analysts.

However, the exact reason for the technical flaw is yet to be ascertained by the website.

It seems that websites going offline is becoming a trend now. Last week, a host of websites including search engine giant Google, Microsoft's Outlook.com, leading US daily portal New York Times and others suffered an outgage on different occasions.  

Google faced a two-minute blackout on Friday. It affected the firm's main search page as well as its Gmail service, YouTube video site and Drive storage product. Microsoft's Outlook.com faced a three-day-long disruption.