Bing shared the plans to make significant investments towards understanding the mobile friendliness of web pages. Since then, it has been investigating various approaches that leverage mobile friendliness to deliver the best possible mobile search experience on Bing.

The search engine shared details on the mobile friendliness roadmap, insighting from recent user experience changes and factors that impact mobile friendliness of webpages.
Bings's approach to mobile friendliness as a ranking signal balances the need to improve the ranking for mobile-friendly pages, with the continued focus on delivering the most relevant results for a given query. 

The search engine has also been working on a tool that will allow Webmasters to analyze webpages using mobile friendliness classifier and help them understand the results. This tool will become available in a few weeks from now and help Webmasters find and fix areas of their site that suffer from mobile friendliness issues.

Meanwhile, the new formula will have a huge impact on how and where people spend their money, provided more people are relying on their smartphones to compare products in stores and look for restaurants.