London: Troubled star Charlie Sheen has become the latest victim of online death rumour. The death news of Sheen, 45, has hit the virtual world after similar reports claimed Playboy mogul, Hugh Hefner, to be dead.

The fake story about Sheen's death has begun circulating on Twitter on Wednesday, with fans anxiously searching for confirmation of the news, according to reports.

The micro-blogging site was flooded with comments such as, "Charlie Sheen was found dead in his Beverly Hills early this morning, causes of his death are currently unknown."

But a fan of the actor attempted to put the story to bed, tweeting, “Charlie Sheen is not dead! he just sent me a tweet RT".

In a bid to slam the false news, Sheen reportedly remained active on the site for the whole day.

According to reports, the death rumours might have originated from the news that his 'Two and a Half Men' character is set to be killed off.