RJD chief Lalu Prasad said about 10 days ago that he was the "real tea seller" and Modi was junior to him in this business. Lalu's party workers have set up the first Lalu tea stall in Muzaffarpur, and many more will soon be opened in different parts of the state.

"Lalu Chai Stall in Muzaffarpur is just a beginning of an innovative idea," RJD leader Iqbal Shami said.

By opening such tea stalls, the party wants to call off Modi's bluff that he sold tea at railway stations. He argues that it was Modi's father who ran a canteen. "In contrast to that, Lalu in his childhood as a student used to sell tea to earn livelihood," Shami added.

The RJD leader said that Lalu tea stall will serve free tea."We have decided to open 17 such tea stalls in each block of the Muzaffarpur district," he added. Another RJD leader, Harendra Kumar said that Lalu tea stalls will provide an opportunity to connect with people.

However, Bihar BJP chief Mangal Pandey said Lalu tea stall is a copy of their campaign for Modi. Lalu Prasad recently revealed that he sold tea at a shop in the veterinary college campus in Patna during his childhood.


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