New Delhi: Gasping under mounting pressure of inflation, people may face another blow as the Central government is likely to tax other services after Railways to boost its revenue. After rail journey becoming more expensive and milk getting costlier from Sunday, postal services, passport, health and other public services are also in the line for becoming dearer.

The government is worried about its revenue which has shrunk in the wake of decreasing economic growth rate, according to sources in the Finance Ministry.

The Ministry has apprehension that the slow pace of economy will affect its budget estimate of tax revenue so the government is seeking alternatives to check dwindling revenue.

The Finance Ministry has written to all other ministries to identify the services where tax could be clamped and also asked to search out areas where taxes have not been raised for a long.

Regarding postal services, the government has proposed to increase price of postcards, inland letters, envelopes and money orders. Currently, the post card is worth 50 paise to Rs 10 while inland letter costs Rs 2.50. In case of money order, Re 1 per Rs 20 is charged as commission.

Also, the passport fee is about to be raised from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500.

The government’s estimated revenue collection in this fiscal year is Rs 7, 89, 892 crore, out of which it aims to achieve Rs 6,64,457 crore from taxes.