The ancient temple, located 30 kms from Nashik, is a major Lord Shiva shrine of the country, which has one of the 12 'jyotirlingas', drawing devotees from far and wide.

Kailas Ghule, a member of the Trimbakeshwar Temple Trust told that the bar on entry of women into the 'Garbhagriha'- sanctum sanctorum- is an age-old tradition and not something enforced in recent times.
Women, however, can have 'darshan' from outside the core area. He said men too are not allowed into the core worship area for an hour daily between 6-7 am.
As per tradition, only men are allowed entry into the area where the main 'linga' is placed, that too by adorning a specific gear called the sovala (silk clothing).
Also, some purohits (priests) in the temple town said most of the women devotees may not want to defy the tradition. Seeking to give a scientific dimension for the practice, they said there are certain rays that concentrate in the core area which could probably be harmful to the health of women.

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