New Delhi: After sharing dais with Anna Hazare, former Army Chief V K Singh on Sunday joined yoga guru Ramdev's protest here, dubbing the government as a "property dealer" which takes over farmers' land in the name of development.
Singh participation in the protests came two months after he retired from service during which he had taken on the government on his age issue.
Earlier this month, Singh had appeared at Jantar Mantar here on the last day of Hazare's fast. He was also one of the signatories to an appeal to Hazare asking him call off his fast and work towards a political alternative.
Addressing the gathering at Ramdev's protest here this afternoon on black money and Lokpal issue, he claimed that over two lakh farmers had committed suicide since 1995 and accused the government of taking over their land in the name of development.
"Problems of farmers will have to be taken to the forefront of this movement...The government is taking land from farmers in the name of development. The government is working as a property dealer," he said addressing the crowd which was predominantly from the rural areas.
The ex-Army Chief alleged that a scam was being reported everyday and value of each scam was higher than the previous one. "What we want is complete all round development. Money shouldn't be distributed among just 4-5 percent of the people only," he said.
Noting that there was a need to stand firm in the agitation, he said if corruption is not stopped, one has nowhere to go and emphasised the need for "some tough action".
Criticising the policies adopted by the government, he said it is government's duty to work for welfare of people.     

"But after liberalisation, you can get a pizza within half-an-hour but you won't get an ambulance in more than two hours. You can get a bottle of water in Rs 15 but you won't get clean drinking water from the tap," he said.
"Only 5-7 percent of the population is benefited. Rest are left behind. Whatever money comes, it is held by 4-5 percent," he said.