Speaking at an election rally in Bhatinda, Rahul said there is no dearth of money in Punjab but it is getting accumulated in the pockets of selected few.

“Some Sikh farmers from Gujarat came to see me, tall and broad as Badal saab. They were crying. I said you are 'shers' why are you crying?”  Rahul said during his election rally.

“The weeping Sikh farmers said had come to Gujarat after partition, now Gujarat govt officers threw them out saying 'outsiders'. Now tell me, BJP makes alliance with the Akalis when treating Sikhs like this in Gujarat,” he added.

Rahul also took a jibe at the kind of language Modi has used in the ongoing election campaign, and said neither he nor his mother has used such vile language.

“Punjab gave a Prime Minister who ran the government for 10 yrs. Soniaji, he and I talk with decency. But his language, just hear him,” Rahul said.

The Congress vice-president also promised voters to stop the unbridled mafia of drugs in Punjab if his party is voted to power, adding that they would also empower farmers, small businessmen and the youth.

“We have to empower farmers, small businessmen and the youth, nation will continue to progress only then,” Rahul said.

“You people bring Congress government in Punjab and we would work for you. We would eliminate drugs from the state,” he added.


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